Photo and Video shooting session by Fish Node young professionals and Go Trolly Films

For what use is it to keep all knowledge, ideas and research findings to yourself.  If you intent to make impact and be visible, you cannot escape the power of ICT especially in agriculture. Social media is the current most powerful tool in reaching out to millions at an amazing low cost.


The NEPAD Fish node hasn’t been left behind in the ICT era within its reach. All it needed was to enhance capacities of its youthful staff. It therefore embarked on a training to on social Media reporting in 12 April-13 April 2016, Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Department – Malawi. The training was aimed at equipping knowledge and skills on social media reporting to the 15 young professionals for effective communication, visibility and opportunities for agriculture development in aquaculture and fisheries development. Believing that we do not need to always outsource, the fish node capitalized on existing human capacities to build up other team members. The training was facilitated by Ms Msekiwa Matsimbe, Assistant Technical Coordinator at NEPAD Regional Fish Node, and Mr Dennis Chinkhata, Innovative Fish Farmer Network (IFFNT) Coordinator who have experience in social media reporting in the team. Msekiwa was trained in social media reporting in 2012 by GFAR at the second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD2) while Dennis was trained in 2015 by RUFORUM.


During the training the young professionals were able to practice on use of key social media tools like Facebook, twitter and blogs. It is envisaged that the trained young scientist reporters will have a significant impact on both the dissemination of information from Agriculture research findings and in provoking interactive exchanges between those passionate about agriculture via Twitter. The young professionals are keen to use social media to engage and network with other professionals in Agriculture both nationally and globally.


The Fish node social media platform likes, views, interaction and feedback is skyrocketing and more is expected as the skills are maturing each day.

Social Media Platform (Like/Follow/Hits)
Name of Program Facebook* Twitter* Blog* Instagram*
NEPAD Fish Node 537 292 5,359 32
Youth For Fish Program 843 159
African Fisheries Experts Network (Afri-Fishnet) 1,169
Youth Action in Agriculture Development 86 51

*Click figures to visit site/page


If you need to learn more on current aquaculture and fisheries development initiatives in Africa, fish trade, African fisheries experts’ network in Africa, youth for fish program, youth action in agriculture, and related developments visit any of our social media platforms or send an email to


Keep moving with the dynamic ICT strides for Agri-Impact!

Author: Thokozire Gwaza      Editor: Msekiwa Matsimbe


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