Arab Republic of Egypt and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) empowering young professionals with aquaculture skills

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As part of the mentorship program which aims at building the capacities of the youth and young professionals in Africa and strengthening the bilateral relationship between Malawi and the Arab Republic of Egypt; LUANAR through NEPAD Regional Fish Node nominated 2 staff members who have been supported by the Egyptian government to  undertake hands on training in the field of “Small Scale Freshwater Fish Farming” from 30 July to 11 August 2016 in Cairo, Egypt.  The young professionals nominated by LUANAR to attend training are Miss Thokozire Gwaza and Mr. Spriano Mpango who are Aquaculture and Fisheries graduates and currently working at the NEPAD Regional Fish Node as Research Assistants.

The two weeks training is expected to equip the nominees with knowledge on i) how to incorporate aquaculture activities within production systems, under a context of diversification that makes farming systems more sustainable; ii) how participants can contribute to the diversification and enhanced nutritional value of family diets, securing farmers and their families, working to obtain optimal yields from the exploitation of the land; and iii) how farmers capacity to market their agricultural products, including those of aquaculture origin, which contribute to income generation can be increased.

For more information; email , website,  twitter @fishnode and facebook 

Author: Mr Happy Mussa,

Editor: Ms Msekiwa Matsimbe


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